Loving the Sweet Life

18 Nov


At the moment I’m writing something spicy and titillating, all the while plotting my next sweet story.

I find the combination of writing and thinking a little like mixing up batter for chocolate pudding while the savory aroma of a roast permeates the air. They don’t quite mix, but it’s not unpleasant either.

How far away from each other are sweet and savory? Really, they are only on adjacent sides of the tongue, so maybe sweet and spicy romance really aren’t so different. Sure, in one the language is a little harder, things are more graphic–but the main goal is still love.

In sweeter romance the doors stays shut, or maybe there isn’t even a reason to close the door. I tend to leave the cussing out of sweeter stories as well, but that just forces me and my characters to express themselves differently, but still practically in stressful or high emotion situation.


As I finish up with the sexy, naughty story, I’m really excited to start on my next sweet story. 2012 just might be the year of Stephanie J Grace…well, she’ll be there at least.


Stephanie J Grace


Stephanie Beck


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