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Merry Merry Christmas

21 Dec

It’s almost here! Oh come, oh come Emmanuel!!

Why do I love Christmas so much? My kids see me get giggly excited this time of year and it’s not because of the presents or the food or the visiting. Oh no, it’s Christmas!!

I hold a respect for those who talk history and explain how Christmas is not Christ’s actual birthday. I will even respect the opinions of those who say the Christmas traditions are mostly pagan in origin. I know how to read and research, I understand that those are basic truths.



In the years Christmas was first celebrated, Christians were persecuted. They were being burned at stakes, they were being murdered for their faith. The old celebrations God gave them couldn’t be celebrated. The trappings of their faith had been cut down to none of the physical things that humans desperately need to connect with. The Christians didn’t need a false god or a golden calf–they needed a reminder and a celebration of life and the fulfilling of promises of God.

What better way than to celebrate the Saviors birth? In Isaiah we learned all about who would come and save the Jews. The Jews waited with bated breath for this Messiah. The day he was born…beautiful. It wasn’t just the chosen who were one step closer to being saved, it was mankind.

Celebrating Christmas is thanking God for honoring his promise. Christ’s birth is one more in a line of fulfilled promises from God and I’m sooooo thankful for what it means for me personally and I’m so thankful for what it means for you.


Merry Chirstmas! Let your love shine and your heart grow in the New Year

Stephanie J Grace