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Romance at Random Funness!!

16 Jan

This January I’m happy to be part of the Romance at Random event. Second perk until January 22nd? Felines and Flowers is on sale at Amazon for only .99!  What’s better than .99? FREE!!!

Felines and Flowers


During high school, Warren was just Wendy’s youth pastor. All grown up and shepherding over her own flock of church kids, Wendy Miller turns to her old friend for help. Not that Warren is that old. In fact, the two have a lot more in common than Wendy would have ever thought.
After the death of his wife, Warren was sure he was finished with relationships. Wendy changes that forgone conclusion with her bright spirit and zest for life. Lining up their desires when they’re at very different points in their lives proves a challenge that might take a little divine intervention, or at least help from friends.


I’m asking the cats vs dogs question. I’m definitely a dog person. What about you? Leave your name and email for a chance to win an ebook of Felines and Flowers! Winner will be posted February 1, 2012.

Visit Romance at Random to enter for the grand prize!

Contest ends January 31st, so make sure to visit all the blogs for the most chances to win goodies!


All the best,

Stephanie J Grace


Loving the lovely life.

14 Jan

Ahh, alliteration, it is so sweet, yet I’ve been told it is distracting and doesn’t have a place in fiction.


Le sigh. I suppose the stupendous sayers of rules really know what they talk about.

Alas, all anyone can do is nod and smile. Or at least that is all I choose to do.

I don’t think alliteration pulls me out of a story, unless it’s too silly for the moment and then it’s just…silly.


Thoughts? Are you against alliteration or are you an advocate? (see what I did there?)


All the best,

Stephanie J Grace