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Life Moves Me

26 May

You know those women who get choked up for no real reason and can cry on a dime? Yeah, that’s me.


Since the birth of my first daughter I’ve found that I am simply more emotional. It’s not something that encroaches on my life or has me reaching for professional help. I can face the hard and tragic things in life with grace and strength–oh I’ll cry with a friend who has been hurt and cry with people I adore when a parting approaches–but I find it’s the happy, everyday things that really make my eyes burn.


My eldest, Grace, gives my middle daughter, Joy, piggy back rides and tries to cheer her up by letting her wear her ‘big’ shirts, even though Grace’s clothes are much to big for Joy. When Joy falls down, Grace picks her up and on super hard days, she’ll pat her head. Heaven forbid Joy tries to hug Grace too much, but when it counts, my big girl’s big sister techniques touch my heart. She’ll drop what she’s doing to pick up the baby boy if he trips. She makes me proud–and that makes me cry a little.


My middle daughter, Joy, looks at life with these eyes that are soooo wide. She has the most amazing imagination and I get the giggles just listening to the world she builds. She loves to hold babies and tell them they are beautiful and that when they are big she’ll push them on the swing and let them touch her dollies if they promise not to bite their toes. She cries when her friends get hurt because ‘it breaks her heart’. She makes my heart feel like it could fly–and that makes me cry.


And then there’s my baby. He’s fifteen months old and is all boy. He’s silly and sweet and gets into everything. When we have visitors of the itty bitty baby kind, he loves to sit by them and give them hugs. He worries when they start crying and tries to give them their nuks. When he can’t he runs the nuk to me and in his way, demands that I fix the crying one. Sometimes he’s too busy to give me hugs and kisses, but sometimes he’ll crawl up on my lap and pull my head down until it’s on his shoulder so he can hug and kiss me. He’s growing so fast and this moment too will pass before I”m ready. His excitement for life makes me hold my breath for the next step–and that makes me cry.


Just so you don’t think it’s all kid related, I cry during movies, when I read books, when an especially touching coffee commercial comes on–you name it and I’m pretty okay with being moved. Since I’ve embraced my crying ways, I feel less stress and I feel closer to the world around me. I want God to give me a million sweet reasons to cry–I don’t mind buying more tissues 🙂


Any other criers out there? What sets you off?


All the best,

Stephanie J Grace


Felines and Flowers for Spring

11 May

Decadent Publishing’s new Bono Books features sweeter romance, including–Felines and Flowers. Check out Felines and Flowers as well as many other wonderful YA and sweet romance stories now!


Felines and Flowers

During high school, Warren was just Wendy’s youth pastor. All grown up and shepherding over her own flock of church kids, Wendy Miller turns to her old friend for help. Not that Warren is that old. In fact, the two have a lot more in common than Wendy would have ever thought.
After the death of his wife, Warren was sure he was finished with relationships. Wendy changes that forgone conclusion with her bright spirit and zest for life. Lining up their desires when they’re at very different points in their lives proves a challenge that might take a little divine intervention, or at least help from friends.


Enjoy something sweet this spring 🙂


All the Best,

Stephanie J Grace