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31 Jan

2013 is already proving to be wild at the Grace/Beck household. I have all three kiddos home now (homeschooling the eldest), a wicked cold winter, husband working 10 hour days 6 days a week…just busy! And Blessed!!


I’m very happy to announce 2013 will have a new Stephanie J Grace title–Easy Peasy: A Prepper Romance from Bono Books–part of Decadent Publishing.


I had never thought to write about prepping until asked for this call, but it’s something I know moderately well. What is prepping you ask? Prepping is the act of preparing, but in this case, the prepping is in preparation of the future.

This could be as simple as stocking paper products and shampoo in bulk when you find them on sale. (This is my kind of prepping. I have shelves of tp, paper towels, laundry soap, body wash, bleach, etc. I have the room and we go through the stuff pretty quickly, so when I find it on sale and have a coupon…I use my space!)

It can go much further though, with bomb shelters, a decade’s worth of food and supplies set aside, all cash into gold, going into full trade communities to avoid usuing cash–it can get intense. Depending on a person’s motivation for prepping, the extremes are definitely there to try if you have the time, patience and money.


My preppers in Easy Peasy…well, they are a mix of heavy prepping but everyday life. On one hand they see so much value in being ready for anything, but on the other they want to enjoy going to movies, going on vacation, eating what they like–it’s a balance.


I can’t wait to tell you more about my story, due out this spring. I’ll post more about prepping as well.


Take care, stay warm and enjoy your day!

Stephanie J Grace


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